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Original Force’s Games

Original Force’s Games Division

Is a leading art production services company for the video game industry. Our passion is to work together with video game studios worldwide to bring their vision to life.
We help our clients create more content and achieve their production goals while keeping their cost low and the quality high.

We are laser focus on game content creation:
from 2D Concept, 3D Art to in-game Animation, we provides full pipeline art services for game development including beautiful, breathtaking Cinematics。
Original Force has been working on 1000+ games.

We are here for when our clients need us most.

Since each video game project is unique, we leverage our formidable talent pool to pick and choose the artists that best fit the requirements and build up a team that will deliver consistently quality at scale。
We provide the extra flexibility that allows studios to ramp-up and scale faster. We are agile and adapt to our clients need which in turn are not limited any more by their internal team size, the physical size of their studio or the number of managers and support staff they have.

Our artists have been working on some of the most visible worldwide AAA IP and we treat each mandate with the same level of excellence.

We pride ourselves of the strong relationships we have built-up through time with the best studios in the video game industry. Our top clients are not only world wide AAA publishers and studios but also tier 1 indie developers accross the globe.

What type of services we can provide?

Original Force’s Game Division is a leading art production services company for the video game industry. We dedicate all our energy and passion on game content creation and provides full pipeline art services for the PC, Consoles, Mobile and VR-platforms.

  • 2D Concept
  • 3DModelling
  • Rigging & Skinning
  • MoCap
    and Handkey Animation
  • VFX
  • In-game cut-scene & Cinematics

Our main advantages are not just these

  • 520+ Artists in the
    Game Division alone
  • Face and body
    photogrammetry Rigs
  • Exclusive license to use the ‘Avatar’
    MoCap technology from Profile Studios (ex Giant Studios)
  • Extensive Faceware
  • 5400 sq feet
    capture facility

What is our workflow?

The main software we are using are :

Maya 3DSMax MotionBuilder Mudbox Substance Designer & Painter Photoshop Marvelous Designer After Effects Nuke ......

In terms of Performance Tracking and
Project Management,the tools include
but are not limited to :

Shotgun Perfoce Jira Excel ......