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Original Force provides 2D, 3D Art creation and Animation services support to the development of “INJUSTICE 2”

On May 16, 2017, fighting?game “INJUSTICE 2” developed by Warner’s NetherRealm studio was released on PlayStation?4 and Xbox One as the sequel to “INJUSTICE: Gods Among Us”. We are proud to announce?that our Game Division has played a big role in 2DArt ?3D Art, and Animation content creation of this?popular game. The mobile version can be downloaded through iOS and Android devices.

Familiar characters like Catwoman, Superman, and Batman are still in “INJUSTICE 2”, thrilling players with their unique skills.

Original Force participated?in the 2D Concept, 3D Art, and Animation creation of this fighting game as a?main external content creator. During the project which lasted nearly a year and?a half, six studios of our Game Division, including Mutong Studio, Yuanbao?Studio, Chuangxiang Studio, Chiyan Studio, Langyu Studio and the Animation Mocap?team, produced high-quality content in an efficient and consistent manner.?

“INJUSTICE 2” is a big success for NetherRealm. We wish them all the best?for their next projects.


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