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Original Force and ‘ Uncle Light ’ Workshop join the Nanjing conference together.

The story between ‘Uncle Light’ and OF has begun since his first showed up at Original Force(OF)on 16th July with a four-hour lecture. As ‘Uncle Light’ is warmly welcomed by the staff in OF, company’s HR department launched an internal training-OF & ‘Uncle Light’ Workshop, which started on 10th September.

When the register for this Workshop has begun, a lot of e-mails had been sent to HR’s mailbox for signing up. Every participant had to go through a selecting process and 22 lucky guys won that chance at last. They came from Nanjing, Chengdu, Wuhan and belong to Wuhan Gaming, Nanjing CG, Real-time Digital Video, OFC departments etc. All of them attached great importance to this opportunity and chatted with “Uncle Light” about animation smoothly.

“Uncle Light” made a specific lecture exclusively for OF staff to improve their current animation ability. Both sorts of aesthetic and skills were shared by him in this lecture.

In addition, “Uncle Light” left homework for students and gave valuable comments on each students’ homework. He also shared a lot of useful tricks with students, such as the way of making a key point for rock model and he emphasized that the most important thing is to make silhouette follow the biological curve so that our mesh would become more realistic and beautiful.

Theory、practice and many specific skills of animation were shared in his lecture. Our staff gained a lot from Workshop and left comments such like this: ‘Full of useful things, Awesome! It broadens our horizons!’ A lot of OF staffs longing for further learning in the next Workshop even though “Uncle Light” taught nine hours per day during this time.

Besides internal welfare, OFC organized another “Uncle Light” Nanjing conference on 15th September. Everyone were excited at the appearance of “Uncle Light” and many fans even came from distant cities for this opportunity. Fans lined up in order at entrance before the conference, and they played with Live apps while waiting. “Uncle Light” devoted himself to sharing relevant knowledge with the audience.

In the interactive session, OFC prepared dolls and limited amount of toy models of OF first self-created IP—Chaw. Meanwhile, “Uncle Light” brought his autographed book and hoped that fans would work harder and make contributions to Chinese animation! It’s believed that there will be significant upgrades in next OF internal training, we look forward to that.


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