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?Original Force appeared at the China (Shenzhen) international cultural industry fair 2018

The 14th China (shenzhen) international cultural industry fair was held from May 10th, 2018 to May 14th, 2018.

This Fair is hosted by the Propaganda Department of the Central Committee of the CPC and it seems to be the “first” fair in domestic culture industry. Original Force was invited to this fair as the unicorn company in 2018 from Nanjing. Original Force is an international high tech, digital entertainment and innovating enterprise, it stays focused on the basic requirement of the municipal government “to build innovation city of global influence” and sticks to the point“create new Nanjing”, which has gained so much attention.

Standing Committee of the Jiangsu Provincial Committee of the CPC and director of the propaganda department of a provincial party committee Wang Wenyan presented and gave guidance

Original Force showed many film and game works at this fair, the films included “Duck Duck Goose”, “The Godsfall Chronicle” (In development), “Ten Lives”, etc. (these are Intellectual Property films of Original Force).Additionally, “L.O.R.D 2"

The booth of Original Force was lively at the fair, many visitors to the fair were deeply attracted by the animation works showed on the screen. Many children like watching the animations in front of the screen of Original Force, even when a kid saw the trailer for “Duck Duck Goose”, he was so excited saying“I’m gonna watch the film.”to his parents.

The kids are watching the works collection of Original Force

Chao’s peripheral products display

Employees from Original Force brought Chao’s peripheral products just for display, but these peripheral products made visitors excited, they wanted to purchase the peripheral products.

Because of limited quantity of peripheral products, visitors showed great enthusiasm purchasing these products.

A mother who brought her 2-year old baby at the fair bought the toy without hesitation and said that the duck is so cute. Foreigners passing by picked up these toys and took selfie with various gestures.

Bags and suitcases are most popular in all peripheral products, but just one was brought to the fair as sample. A lady held the suitcase tightly even she said “it’s too expensive” on mouth. Some parents who didn’t get Chao’s toys kept asking the staffs” where can we buy these? ” .

Even some people asked “are there more of these?” ? ? ? ? ?

Chao was taken away

We gain a lot from this Shenzhen international cultural industry fair, Original Force comes to be known and recognized by more people which gives us more confidence.


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