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Job opportunities · Artist 's talent is the most important factor in creating a digital entertainment enterprise

We search for talented artists who are responsible,eager to learn, and passionate to explore new possibilities.。
With a strong focus on interpersonal and communication skills as well as collaboration as a team player.

Aggressive, introverted and quiet, stepping on here, you have more or less dreams.

Whether it is a movie dream or a game dream,we dare not say that we can help you achieve it, but Original Force has been doing its best to provide the most professional training and support to enhance the artist's industry competitiveness and make it an outstanding talent in the film or game field to achieve a stronger self-goal.

Original Force believes that based on the existing international management system, the advantages of the artist's “human power” will be presented more thoroughly.?For the results of your efforts, we will give 100% recognition and provide a more targeted career development space.

If you
are interested in the works and projects of Original Force, consider joining us.

Currently, the Film Division and the Game Division are still in many job vacancies.Please send your resume and portfolio to the HR’s emails below that best applies to you.

China(workplace: Nanjing/Chengdu)

U.S.A(workplace: Los Angeles)

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