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With the maturity of AI technology, the popularization of 5G network as well as the application of virtual reality terminals, the way of distributing digital content will expand from traditional text and video to three dimensional space.
At the same time, the man-machine interaction mode changes from the earliest PC era of keyboard mouse interaction, the current mobile terminal app interaction, to the natural language AI interaction,
AI virtual digital human will become the most promising "new generation of human-computer interaction interface" in the future.

In the development of AI digital human products and services, first of all, the 3D hyper-realistic digital human assets are used to simulate real human faces and bodies. Complex facial expressions and body movements are driven in real time through voice and AI technology.
Finally, 3D hyper-realistic digital human and real person can interact in real time "face to face".

Based on years of technological and resource advantages in CG film and television and gaming, Original Force provides services like hyper-realistic digital assets production, high verisimilitude muscle Rigging system set up as well as mass production of high precision training data.
By integrating AI, CG, 5G and intelligent cloud technology, Original Force works with partners to provide products and services, letting AI transform to a real human that can be applied to all kinds of terminal equipment in daily life and work, and hopes to become the world's leading provider of AI digital human products, applications and services.


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